Adoption Agencies

Once you have considered the type of adoption you are interested in, your next decision will center on if you want to use an adoption facilitator or an adoption agency.

An adoption agency will have resources in place that will make the adoption process go smoothly. It will contact and meet the birth parents and provide counseling to them, resulting in birth parents that are less likely to change their mind about adoption. The agency will provide the social worker to perform the home study. The adoption process will follow a tried and tested formula developed by the agency.

There are some drawbacks to using an adoption agency. Finding a reputable agency can be difficult. It will take time and research to find an agency that will fit your needs. The agency's screening process may eliminate you as a prospective parent. If there are some adjustments to the adoption process that may need to be made, the agency may resist them in favor of their own methods.

Consulting an experienced adoption lawyer might help you in your search for an adoption agency. Most adoption attorneys have dealt with a number of adoption agencies and can guide you to one that will fit your needs.

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