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The US Criminal Code is the set of laws defining the punishment for crimes committed in the United States.

After a crime has been committed and an accusation is filed, if there is probable cause then a formal charge or indictment may be filed in court. A grand jury will review the case to determine if it should be brought to trial. If the case is brought to trial and the defendant is found guilty, the case will move to the punishment or sentencing phase of the criminal trial.

There are several goals of a criminal prosecution including: punishing the criminal, deterring the criminal from committing additional crimes, compensating the victim, and keeping other individuals from committing crimes. There are a wide variety of crimes committed in the United States each year.

For each criminal case there are a wide variety of criminal defenses the defendant may claim in order to have the case dismissed, be found innocent (acquitted) of the charges, or to have the sentence reduced.

Criminal Law Term of the Day

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Beyond a reasonable doubt is the highest burden of proof which must be proven by the prosecution to convict an alleged criminal.

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Question of the Day

Can a payday loan company file a criminal case against you?

In some cases, a payday loan company may seek criminal or civil actions against bad check writiers.

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