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Do I need a DUI lawyer?

If you, or a family member, are facing DUI Charges, the simple answer is yes. Yes, you need an attorney to help you navigate the complex and serious legal issues surrounding a DUI arrest. Not only do you need a good DUI lawyer, since DUI is a criminal offense often ending in jail time, you are entitled to an attorney. The courts are required to provide one for you if you wish and cannot afford one on your own.

It's important you hire the best DUI/DWI attorney you can afford when dealing with DUI. You need a skilled, experienced criminal lawyer specializing in DUI by your side through the entire process. Most states have a low or zero tolerance for DUI incidents, so a DUI attorney will be instrumental in having charges reduced or dropped and may be able to save your driver's license.

DUI Term of the Day

Rising Alcohol Defense

The rising alcohol theory allows that when a driver consumes alcohol the alcohol is absorbed into their bloodstream and their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) continues to rise until they have reached what is known as their peak absorption rate

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Latest DUI Question

Why was I arrested for DUI if I was not driving?

If you are sitting in a car, even outside of your house, and you have the keys in the ignition and the car is on, even if you have no intention of driving your car, you can be arrested for drunk driving.

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