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A person's estate includes everything that person owns at any given time, whether solely or jointly owned with a spouse or partner. An estate can include anything from property to patents, bank accounts, stocks, or pension plans - as well as debts from taxes, loans, and liens.

Estate Law is the body of law governing the management of personal affairs and how property is distributed in the event of incapacity or death. In some states it also includes elder law dealing with elder specific issues beyond estate planning such as long-term care and Social Security benefits.

Estate Law includes:

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An individual who dies with a valid will is said to have died testate, which means the will is legally enforceable and clearly establishes the intentions of the deceased.

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Can I quitclaim deed the land my deceased parents left me?

Whether a quitclaim deed can be used to avoid probate depends on when the quitclaim deed was created, when it was filed, and the governing laws of the decedent\'s state.

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