Estate Attorneys

There are many types of attorneys practicing aspects of estate law.

Probate Attorneys

Probate is the legal process of validating a will, settling the estate of a deceased person, and distributing their property. A probate attorney is experienced in all aspects on the probate process and can ensure that their client's wishes will be fulfilled.

Estate Planning Attorneys

Generally, an estate planning attorney helps a client to preserve assets (such as property) while the client is alive and control the distribution of those assets after the client's death, in accordance with the client's stated wishes.

Estate Law Term of the Day

Will Contest

Heirs may formally contest a will or raise objections about its validity if they believe the will does not reflect the intentions of the decedent or testator.

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Latest Estate Law Question

What are my rights if my parents died without a will?

Surviving children generally have a claim on their parent's property after the parent's death.

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