Absorption Rate

What does Absorption Rate mean?

Absorption rate is the amount of time it takes alcohol to be processed into an individual's bloodstream. The absorption rate varies based on several factors such as the amount of food consumed, whether the alcohol is consumed on an empty stomach, the type of alcohol consumed, the gender of the drinker, the drinker's metabolism, the drinker's weight, and the speed the alcohol is consumed.

Often the alcohol a driver has consumed is not fully absorbed when they are asked to submit to a blood alcohol concentration test; but instead, the driver's blood alcohol is still rising. Drunk driving lawyers may use the blood alcohol rising defense to prove the driver's blood alcohol concentration may have been above the legal limit at the time of the BAC test, but at the time the driver was operating their vehicle, they were not legally drunk. Talk to a DUI lawyer if you do not believe your BAC was at or above the legal limit when you were driving to see if the results of your blood test can be challenged in court.

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