What does Acculturation mean?

Acculturation is the process in which individuals who belong to one cultural group assimilate into another group. The assimilation can include adopting the language, attitudes, values and social institutions of the other group. The assimilation can include the adoption of the cultural values of the minority group with a larger majority group or vice versa.

Where acculturation is a goal for both the private and public sectors different issues have to be addressed. Acculturation has occurred in the public domain as many immigrants came to the U.S. and moved from traditional agrarian lifestyles to modern Westernized lifestyles. This type of acculturation has not been helpful to different groups as they tend to face higher rates of disease.

Historically, however, assimilation has been considered necessary for the progressive improvement and adjustment to American society. The assumption has generally been that for immigrants to advance socially and economically in the United States, they needed to "become American" and overcome their deficits in the new language and culture. By assimilating the immigrant is able to acquire skills for working positively and effectively in the U.S.

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