What does Allonge mean?

The Definition

An allonge is an extra piece of paper attached to a document to write additional endorsements. Normally an allonge is used when there is insufficient space on the original document. It is considered the attachment to a negotiable instrument, like a bill of exchange, where any endorsements written on the allonge are as acceptable as if they were written on the actual bill itself. Though the allonge is a separate piece of paper(s) than the bill itself, it is to be attached to the document as if it is one piece.

What Qualifies as an Allonge

The qualifications of an allonge include:

  • It must be a separate piece of paper containing information that could not fit on the original document
  • It must be attached to the original document as if it is not separate whatsoever, seen all as one document
  • It must contain information such as terms or conditions that pertain and relate to the original document
  • If it does not pertain to the original document in any form, it could be thrown out in court

Other Definitions of Allonge

The word "allonge" can also be seen in other aspects of the English language, including the following:

  • Allonge: a fencing move involving a thrust or pass at the opponent
  • Allonge: a chemistry term used by the French to represent a separate column
  • Allonge: in dressage it is considered a long rein used for trotting a horse
  • Allonge: a type of wig with locks of hair reaching the shoulders


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