What does Bailiff mean?

A bailiff is an officer of the court. A bailiff’s job responsibilities can include following:

-Maintaining order within the courtroom
-Ensuring the jury and defendants understand the requirements of court
-Serving subpoenas
-Escorting jurors in and out of the court room
-Assisting and protecting a judge during the trial
-Telling the courtroom when the judge is entering
-Providing security to the jury if they are sequestered
-Ensuring the jurors do not have contact with the public
-Relaying messages from the jury to the court and to their families
-Screening visitors prior to entry into the court
-Collecting evidence from the jury, the prosecution and the defense
-Completing necessary paperwork for certain court procedures

How to become a bailiff?

Individuals interested in a career as a bailiff will need a high school degree or general education degree (GED). Additional training is also required such as 2 to 4 years in college, police academy training, or certain types of vocational training. Bailiffs must also have a valid driver’s license, and pass a criminal background check.

Bailiffs must also be cooperative, skilled in court procedures, and have strong basic communication skills. They also must be able to give concise information to other court officials, the jury, and the public.

A bailiff has the full authority to act for the court. With this in mind, whether the bailiff serves you a subpoena, ask you to be quiet at a trial, or is sent to evict you from your home per a court order, you should obey them. They are not operating from their own personal motives but rather with the full authority of the court.

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