What does Caseworker mean?

An adoption caseworker is the individual who has the responsibility to ensure a prospective adoptive family is a good candidate for adoption. The caseworker's responsibilities can include completing adoption home studies, assisting prospective adoptive parents in obtaining their pre-adoption certification, and supervising adoptive parents after they have received their child. Caseworkers may also spend time counseling the birth mother.

To become a caseworker you will need a bachelor's degree. Regulations vary by state so it's important to contact the state adoption specialist in your jurisdiction. Salaries for an adoption caseworker can range from $26,170 per year to $68,030 per year, although salaries vary by state. For instance, in California the salaries can be as high on average of $50,090 per year.

Experts suggest caseworkers should have a high degree of critical thinking skills and have the ability to review situations from an objective point of view. Caseworkers should also be able to put aside their own assumptions, expectations and biases, and look at each situation objectively.

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