Civil Lawsuit

What does Civil Lawsuit mean?

A civil lawsuit or civil suit, as opposed to criminal case, involves the rights of private citizens and their civil rights or their right to recover compensation for a civil injury. Common civil cases include personal injury cases, medical malpractice cases, birth injury accidents, motorcycle accidents, car accidents, breach of contracts, divorce and child custody. The vast majority of civil court cases are heard in District Court.

Civil suits have a lower burden of proof than a criminal case and generally must be won only through a preponderance of evidence. States have different statutes of limitations for filing different types of injury claims. Failing to file a civil case within this specified time frame eliminates your rights to compensation for your loss or injury.

To win a civil case for personal injury you must prove the defendant's actions were negligent and they breached their duty of care, this breach is the proximate cause of your injury, and you have suffered injury or loss. Evidence can be presented to help you win your civil case including witness testimony, medical reports, photographs, video evidence and doctor's statements.

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