Closed Adoption

What does Closed Adoption mean?

Closed adoptions are adoptions which eliminate any interaction between the adoptive parents and the child's birthmother. A closed adoption differs from an open adoption which allows the birth mother to choose the adoptive family, share information with the adoptive family and have ongoing contact with the adopted child throughout their life. Open adoption allows the child to know their biological parents, their medical history and why they were placed for adoption.

Closed adoption does not provide parental information to the child, but it can provide both the adoptive families and the birthmothers with a sense of closure that the adoption is final, providing all families with a sense of closure. Closed adoptions also provide privacy for all parties involved and do not require the birthmother to have to justify her decision to place her child for adoption.

Before beginning the adoption process, both the adoptive family and the birthmother need to decide what type of adoption is right for them. Discuss your case with an adoption lawyer if you have questions about your options and whether or not a closed, open or semi-open adoption is right for you.

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