What does Cohabitation mean?

Cohabitation is act of two partners living together who have decided to integrate their lives, property and their residence. Many times cohabitation is a precursor to marriage, but it can simply be the arrangement couples have chosen who do not want the legal or social commitment of marriage.

Many couples who have chosen to cohabitate have also chosen to construct cohabitation agreements. Cohabitation agreements can legalize the distribution of property in the event of a break up or marriage, the obligation to financially support the other partner if the relationship ends, the repayment of debts, the distribution of property in the event of breakup or death, the right to act as the other partner's guardian if they become incapacitated and the right of either partner to make a medical decision for the other partner. Additionally, if the cohabiters have children the agreement can also outline custody and visitation rights for the children.

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