Compassionate Allowance

What does Compassionate Allowance mean?

The Compassionate Allowance listing is a list of conditions which are considered so severe the SSA recognizes they are disabling and allows for the immediate approval of disability benefits, assuming the claimant meets the nonmedical requirements for SSDI or SSI.

If a claimant has a condition on the Compassionate Allowance list the SSA will approve their disability in as little as 10 days, with limited medical information which proves their diagnosis. Consider, however, there remains a five month waiting period after your onset date to receive SSDI benefits and for most conditions a claimant will have to wait 24 months from the date of disability to receive Medicare medical benefits.

Common conditions which are listed on the Compassionate Allowance list include specific cancers, certain types of muscular dystrophy, and early-onset Alzheimer's disease. A full listing can be found on the SSA website at

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