Conditional License

What does Conditional License mean?

In certain states drivers arrested for drunk driving may request a condition license, which allows a driver to drive but with specific restrictions. A conditional license allows a driver to drive to and from the work, to and from a class or activity that is part of the driver's rehabilitation program, to and from classes at an accredited school or vocational institute, to and from any court ordered probation activities, to and from the Department of Motor Vehicles, and to and from the doctor for visits for the driver or other family members. Drivers may also be restricted to driving at certain times of the day.

Not all states issue conditional licenses. For instance, in many states if the driver refuses to take the chemical test after a DUI arrest they will be ineligible for a condition license. If your state offers a conditional license expect to pay a fee. Additionally, in some states you cannot operate a vehicle with any amount of alcohol in your system if you are using a conditional license. More information about a conditional license can be found on your state's Department of Motor Vehicle's website.

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