Criminal Judge

What does Criminal Judge mean?

A judge is an appointed or elected government official who oversees court cases. The goal of a judge is to rule impartially, decide if there is sufficient evidence to support a criminal case, and "properly interpret the meaning, significance, and implications of the law." Judges also have the authority to set bail and ensure a defendant has adequate legal counsel.

A judge's role can vary depending on whether or not a case is held in front of a jury. If a jury is present the judge's role is to ensure that the court procedures follow the established rules of law. If the defendant and plaintiff agree to waive their right to a jury trial the judge's role expands to include the evaluation of the evidence of a case. Other responsibilities can include signing warrants for arrests and searches, punishing misconduct within a courtroom, and punishing violations of court orders.

Judges must have a college degree and attend law school. Many judges also have worked as a law clerk and have created a good reputation and political support. Finally, a judge should continue to receive training.

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