Date Last Insured (DLI)

What does Date Last Insured (DLI) mean?

Date last insured or DLI is the last day of the last quarter where a SSDI claimant was insured for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. For most claimants this is approximately five years from the date they left their full-time job. If a claimant applies for SSDI benefits prior to their date last insured they will be considered "insured" for SSDI benefits.

If they wait until after their DLI to apply they may still be able to win benefits but it could be increasingly difficult for them to prove they were disabled prior to their DLI date, unless they can provide medical evidence to support their claim. If the claimant has no medical evidence to prove they were disabled prior to their DLI, the SSA will deny their SSDI claim.

If you have been working steadily and apply immediately after you are not able to perform substantial gainful activity the question of your date last insured will generally be relevant. Talk to a disability lawyer if you have questions about your SSDI case or need to know your DLI.

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