What does Daywork mean?

Daywork includes any work which a worker is hired and paid to perform on a daily basis. Dayworkers receive a guaranteed rate of pay in return for work done for a particular day, rather than pay for results or an incentive payment.

Daywork employment is most often found in construction. Workers are required to maintain records including the amount of hours worked by all workers, the hours for the machines needed to complete the tasks, and all materials used by the builders for the day.

Daywork is commonly used when a subcontractor is not sure how much time is needed to complete the builder's direct or implied request for work. For instance, if a subcontractor is hired to complete a job but they cannot clearly determine how much time will be needed they might use dayworkers. Additionally, builders may need to hire subcontractors on a daywork basis to supplement their own laborforce.

Disadvantages of Daywork

No one likes daywork. For instance, the builder does not like daywork because he cannot estimate the final cost of a construction project. The builder also may lose money as the subcontractor's work efforts increase and are no longer fixed, decreasing the amount of profit for the builder.

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