Disability Examiner

What does Disability Examiner mean?

Disability examiners are the individuals who review a claimant's medical eligibility for SSDI and SSI benefits offered b the Social Security Administration. Disability examiners generally work at the Disability Determination Services offices within each state.

The main function of the disability examiner is to gather the medical information for each applicant. If the applicant does not have recent medical information or their doctors have not provided enough information for the disability examiner to make the disability determination they will schedule a consultative examination for the claimant.

After the disability examiner has gathered all of the claimant's treatment notes, the consultative report (if necessary), the relevant work information for the claimant and their educational background they will use this information to make a disability determination. The consultative examiner will work with a medical consultant, who is a doctor who works with the SSA, to make the disability determination.

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