What does Disfigurement mean?

Disfigurement is damage to a person's soft tissue, skin, ligaments, muscles, or bones. It can include lacerations, amputations, scarring, loss of motor functions, nerve damage, excess tissue, changes of skin pigmentation and rashes.

Claims may be filed for disfigurement if the disfigurement is caused by the negligence of another person or entity. Common injuries which can cause disfigurement include car and motorcycle accidents, fire or chemical spills, slips and falls, surgical errors, dog bites, burn accidents, workplace accidents, premise liability cases, acts of violence such as assault and semi-truck accidents.

If you have been disfigured from a personal injury you can be compensated for your pain and suffering. When allocating damages the courts will consider the age, sex, location of the disfigurement, marital status and embarrassment of the victim to determine payment amounts. Like all injury claims, compensation for a disfigurement injury is only allowed within a specified time frame.

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