What does Diversion mean?

After a DUI arrest, in some jurisdictions, the state will allow the DUI defendant to participate in a DUI diversion program to avoid some of the penalties of a DUI conviction or a DUI charge entirely. In a diversion program the defendant is required to meet certain specified conditions such as performing community service, attending treatment or counseling, completion of the Victim Impact Class, random urine testing, vehicle impoundment or immobilization and potentially a mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device. The goal of diversion is to increase awareness of the potentially tragic consequences of drinking and driving and reduce repeat offenses.

In some states the defendant must plead guilty to DUI to participate in the DUI diversion program. Other states allow deferred adjudication, which allows the defendant to avoid DUI charges if they complete the DUI diversion program. Some states also allow drivers to have their DUI record of the incident expunged if they complete a diversion program.

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