What does Divorce mean?

Divorce is the legal process to terminate or dissolve a marriage. Couples who are considering divorce will have to deal with issues such as the division of both physical and monetary property, arranging for custody of the children, and planning parental duties after the divorce. Divorce differs from legal separation, which allows each spouse to leave and divide property and assets, but the marriage remains legal.

Most couples considering divorce will need to discuss their divorce case with a divorce attorney. Recently new methods have been developed to allow for a less contentious divorce process including a collaborative divorce, arbitration and mediation. If the divorce is highly contested a divorce lawyer can help the spouse with a contested divorce.

Experts suggest taking several steps prior to marriage such as talking to a good marriage counselor, reviewing your financial records, understanding what custody arrangement will work best for your children, determining your future financial needs, talking to a lawyer, thinking about the allocation of property, and keeping a diary.

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