Dram Shop Liability

What does Dram Shop Liability mean?

Dram shop liability laws hold an alcohol seller liability for injuries caused by an intoxicated customer after they consume alcohol at the establishment and injure or kill another person. Dram shop liability laws may allow the injured party to hold the seller, not just the actionable defendant, liable for their injuries.

Dram shop liability laws vary by state, but the goal of these laws is to discourage alcohol sellers, such as bars and restaurants, from continuing to sell alcohol to a patron who is clearly above the legal limit. Some states have determined that a business can be liable if they continue to "serve and sell alcohol to a person who is obviously intoxicated to the extent that he presented a clear danger to himself and others."

Some states require that the accident or injury must have occurred in the same state as where the alcohol was sold (ex. Illinois Dram Shop Act). If you have questions about your injuries or if you are being sued for selling alcohol to someone who later caused an accident or injury, talk to a DUI lawyer. Remember, if you are the injured by an intoxicated driver you may have more than one option to recover damages for your injuries.

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