Drivers License Compact

What does Drivers License Compact mean?

The Driver’s License Compact is an agreement or interstate compact between forty-five states to exchange information about specific traffic violations and license suspensions of all residents and non-resident offenders. Offenses reported include driving under the influence (DUI) violations, which will be reported to all participating states at the time of offense.

There are currently five states which do not participate in the Driver’s License Compact (Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Tennessee, and Wisconsin), although this does not necessarily guarantee that offenses in these states will not be reported or that the residents in these states will not be held accountable for out of state violations.

For example, Massachusetts, while not a member, has their own process for ensuring offending drivers also lose their license in Massachusetts if they have committed an out of state DUI and lost their license in another state.

How will the Driver’s License Compact affect your DUI conviction?

The Driver’s License Compact allows all participating states to receive notification of certain driving offenses in other states. If you are arrested for certain offenses your driving record in your home state can be suspended just as if the offense occurred in that state rather than out of state.

Provisions outlined under the Driver’s License Compact:

  • You are required to submit your out of state license when you apply for a new license in a new state.
  • Your home state will keep a complete driving record for you and all other drivers and will be able to report the eligibility for you to drive in other states.
  • Any information about an out of state traffic violation will be reported back to your home state.
  • You cannot be penalized for an out of state offense if there is not an equivalent offense under your home state’s laws or regulations.
  • Your home state can penalize you for out of state offenses, assuming they have an equivalent law, even if the offense is committed out of state.

What about my out of state DUI conviction or license suspension?

States which are part of the Driver’s License Compact will report all DUI arrests, convictions, and DUI license suspensions back to your home state. So, for example, if you are arrested and convicted of DUI in Texas and you live in Florida, Texas will notify Florida of your license suspension. Florida is this case will likely suspend your license until you have the right to lawfully drive in Texas and have cleared both your Texas and Florida license restrictions.

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