Electronic Case Filing

What does Electronic Case Filing mean?

The electronic case filing (ECF) of the bankruptcy process is a relatively new automated case management system put in place by the United States bankruptcy court system. The ECF allows a debtor to view and file court documents online with a computer that is internet capable. This system provides the debtor with 24 hours a day access and helps the courts maintain a more consistent system for doing bankruptcy business. The site is safe, secure, and protected by encryption.

To use the electronic case filing system a bankruptcy attorney must be in good standing with the court. They must become a Registered Participant and they must have a login and password. Training is required to become a Registered Participant. All attorneys are trained by the Court in their district unless the Clerk decides they have been fully trained in another district.

Debtors who are filing bankruptcy on their own without legal assistance can only become Registered Participants with permission by the court. The training schedule for the system is posted on the Court's web site and will occur at specific locations and dates. All employees of a specific attorney are encouraged to attend with the appropriate lawyer.

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