English Language Learner

What does English Language Learner mean?

An English language learner is a student who is not proficient in the English language. Students who enter public schools and are not proficient in English may receive a variety of services to help them become proficient in English so they can become academically successful.

English Language Learner or ELL programs are offered after the parents enroll their child in the ELL program and the district assesses the child's proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing through the English language screener proficiency test. The goal of the ELL program is to move the student through a series of programs and services which best fit the needs of the child until they reach level five on the language proficiency test. At this point the school district will allow them to exit the ELL program. All students are monitored for two years after the completion of the program and re-evaluated if necessary.

ELL programs are available in a variety of content areas including English/language arts, social studies, science, and mathematics. Instruction is primarily in English, although native language support is provided when necessary and when possible.

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