English Plus

What does English Plus mean?

English Plus is the concept that all U.S. citizens should be encouraged to master English but also have access and mastery of a second or third language. The proponents of this system reject the idea that learning more than one language causes divisiveness or an erosion of the American ideals. They seek to ensure equal access to essential services, education, and the electoral process for all U.S. citizens and recent immigrants by providing language assistance. Proponents argue the strength of the U.S. system is derived in part by the diversity of the people. And cultural pluralism enhances global competitiveness and international leadership.

Opponents of English Plus argue America's greatness is derived not by cultural "purity" but the historical notion that immigrants from all nations were welcome to come to the United States and meld together to create a new identity. To become an "American" meant promoting the American ideals of our founding fathers. It is this unity of thought, purpose and mind that gives our country its economic and political success and creates social unity.

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