What does Ergonomics mean?

Ergonomics is the scientific study of work and how to make completing job tasks more comfortable and efficient. Ergonomics studies not only products which can be incorporated into the workplace to make work better, but it is also the studies how to improve the design of services or processes to improve the work environment.
Ergonomics tries to create objects and process which benefit the user with the expectation that if you like something you will use it, and if you use it efficiently, it is most useful. So ergonomics can be used to find innovative ways to increase the utility of products.

What are utility and efficiency?

Utility and efficiency are improved if it takes less effort or strength to complete a process, the number of steps used to complete a task are reduced, or if a product is simplified and cost less to repair. In turn, the simplicity and efficiency allow more people to perform more tasks with less training. Ergonomics argues utility is the only true measure of the quality of a design.

Ergonomics and workers' compensation

According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), two million workers sustain musculoskeletal disorders every year, and 600,000 workers lose time at work as a result. Experts in ergonomics argue it is one of the most important but overlooked tools utilized in preventative health.

In fact, experts claim if companies focused on ergonomics and had specific strategies to improve worker's comfort and efficiency on the job they could increase their productivity. As a result, their costs and revenue would increase. Lower injuries could also mean lower workers' compensation costs and fewer work comp claims.

Benefits of Ergonomics

Ergonomics can potentially reduce the overall numbers of musculoskeletal injuries which account for the majority of worker's compensation claims. Most common injuries include back injuries from lifting, pulling, pushing, keyboarding and straining. Some ideas which could be implemented through good ergonomic strategies include properly designed chairs. keyboard trays, foot rests, and ergonomic computer mice.

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