Expedited Reinstatement

What does Expedited Reinstatement mean?

Expedited reinstatement is available to specific SSDI and SSI recipients who had their disability benefits terminated due to their work earnings. An expedited reinstatement allows a claimant to get their benefits restarted without having to submit a new disability application. Additionally, if you qualify for an expedited reinstatement you can get temporary or provisional benefits up six months while the SSA reviews your case.

To qualify for an expedited reinstatement a claimant must have had their benefits terminated because their work earnings were too high, they subsequently became unable to work or perform substantial gainful activity due to an impairment(s) that is the same as or related to the impairment(s) that allowed them to get benefits earlier, and the request for the expedited reinstatement must have been made 5 years from the month their benefits ended.

Provisional payments can be paid up to six months and can include Medicare or Medicaid and monthly cash payments. If your claim is denied you generally do not have to repay the provisional payments. Provisional payments can be paid for up to six months but can be terminated if you reach your full retirement age, start to engage in SGA work or you are notified that the SSA has denied your claim.

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