Extension Request

What does Extension Request mean?

An extension request refers to a request by an applicant to the United States Patent and Trademark Office for additional time to complete the Statement of Use for the registration of a trademark.

Once the Patent and Trademark Office has completed the 30-day opposition period during which they notify the public of the intention to register a trademark, the Patent and Trademark Office sends the applicant a Notice of Allowance. The Notice of Allowance informs the applicant he can move forward with the registration process.

Typically, the applicant has six months to submit to the Patent and Trademark Office the appropriate filing fees along with the Statement of Use form. However, if the applicant is not yet using the trademark but still intends to use the trademark, the applicant can submit an extension request. An extension request grants the applicant an additional six months to begin using the mark and to complete and submit the Statement of Use. The applicant may complete multiple extension requests, each of which will grant the applicant an additional six months. However, the applicant must submit the Statement of Use form no later than three years after the date the Patent and Trademark Office issued the Notice of Allowance to the applicant. Thereafter, the Patent and Trademark Office will consider the application abandoned.

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