What does Fraud mean?

Fraud is deception against another person which intentionally creates a misrepresentation. Fraud generally encompasses employee, consumer or government actions. To file a civil claim for fraud there must be loss and other requirements such as a representation of fact, proof the statement or representation is untrue, the statement of representation is considered relevant, the fraudulent party must understand the statement is not true, the fraudulent party must intend for the statement to be relied on, and the person who hears the statement believes the statement is true and relies on the information to make a decision and suffers loss or damage.

One of the most common types of fraudulent activity is identify theft. Identity theft occurs when an individual steals someone else's identity and uses it for their benefit and causes loss to the victim. Fraud is a criminal offense as well as a civil offense, although if you have been the victim of fraud you may be able to recover compensation for your loss even if the alleged perpetrator did not get prosecuted for their criminal fraud.

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