Hit and Run

What does Hit and Run mean?

A hit and run is an accident where a vehicle hits another vehicle, object or person and but does not remain at the accident scene but instead flees, failing to provide personal information to the injured party or parties. A hit and run can be a misdemeanor charge, if there are no injuries, or a felony charge, if another person is injured. Drivers may commit a hit in run if they are uninsured, they are committing another crime or they are intoxicated.

Compensation for car accidents varies by state. Some states allow drivers to file lawsuits against other drivers, while some state bar lawsuits unless an injury or cost threshold is reached. Generally in a hit and run there will not be anyone to file an injury claim against because the perpetrator is not caught. In this case the injured party will have to file a claim and receive compensation from their own insurance company.

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