Lost time

What does Lost time mean?

Lost time is the amount of time an injured worker misses work due to their work-related injury or illness. The amount of time lost depends on the severity of the injury.

Workers' compensation benefits offers compensation for medical costs and lost wages for a variety of different types of injuries. Common benefits include total temporary disability benefits, which include payments for lost time and the days needed to recover from injury and return to work; temporary partial disability benefits, which pays lost time for days of worked missed but allows the worker to return to work at some point, generally at a reduced capacity; permanent total disability benefits, where the employee may never return to work and will be paid for a specific number of lost days; and permanent partial disability benefits, where the employee may be paid for lost time but eventually return to work with a permanent partial disability.

Calculation for lost time may not begin until after a statutory waiting period, which varies by state, but generally is between three and fourteen days. If the worker's injury lasts longer than the waiting period they generally receive payments which include the waiting period.

Compensated lost time varies by state. Talk to a lawyer if you have questions about your states workers' compensation laws or you do not believe you have been fully compensated for your injuries after a work-related accident.

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