Medical Professional Liability Insurance (MPLI)

What does Medical Professional Liability Insurance (MPLI) mean?

Medical Professional Liability Insurance (MPLI) is insurance purchased by doctors to protect themselves financially from liability arising from errors and omissions while practices their profession. Doctors and other medical professionals, who wish to obtain hospital privileges and to contract with HMOs, PPOs and other health insurance companies, must purchase medical professional liability insurance.

There are three main types of companies which offer medical professional liability insurance. The first type is an admitted company. This is a company who is licensed by the Department of Insurance (DOI) in each state where it does business and is regulated by the DOI in each state. The second type of company is called the Excess and Surplus Lines companies which offer insurance plans for non-standard or hard-to-place risks. Finally, there is the Risk Retention Groups (RRGs) which are minimally regulated by only one state DOI (the domiciliary state). If you are a medical professional and need insurance it is best to consult with an insurance agent to determine the best insurance coverage for your practice.

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