What does Nativism mean?

Nativism is defined as a strong preference for the native residents of a country who share ethnic, religious and cultural similarities and a hostile reaction to immigrants. If citizens display nativism it generally is because they believe the immigrants could limit the social, economic, political or cultural power of the current population.

Opposition to immigration can be valid. For instance, there are times when allowing too many immigrants into a specific area can threaten employment opportunities for current workers or overburden the government. There is also some evidence, mainly in European countries, that some immigrant groups are less willing to assimilate or learn the local language and the patriotism and community ties of the country can be substantially diminished. To combat these concerns governments can create immigration policies that can limit the flow of immigration and ensure the country can accommodate all of its citizens. Governments can also institute policies which force immigrants to learn the official language and meet specific citizenship requirements.

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