Order of Protection

What does Order of Protection mean?

An order of protection is an order issued by the court to protect an individual from harm from another individual. An order of protection can be used to keep a harasser from entering another person's home, place of work, apartment, and vehicle. The abuser may also be barred from changing their insurance policy and spending money unwisely. An order of protection is a civil order and gives very specific information about what actions the abuser can and cannot do.

An order of protection may not bar the abuser from having visitation with children, unless they are in danger of abuse. Additionally, the abuser also may be required to continue to pay child and spousal support. Abusers may also be required to pay costs related to the abuse, including attorney's fees. Under an order of protection the judge has the legal authority to order anything that will protect the abused from the abuser.

Orders of protection are temporary orders. To get an order of protection you will need to contact your local District Attorney's office to obtain an application. An order of protection may be requested to stop an abuser from continuing acts of violence, including threatening or harassing actions, or stalking.

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