Paternity Test

What does Paternity Test mean?

A paternity test is used to determine the biological father of a child. Paternity tests may be required in child custody or child support cases to help the court make financial and living arrangements for the child. Under some conditions, the court may require the potential father to take a paternity test or the potential father may request one to prove they are the father and gain parental rights to the child.

More and more fathers are taking paternity tests to prove they are not the biological father of a child. Because noncompliance of child support is such a serious issue, many fathers are beginning to request DNA tests to determine if they are actually financially responsible for a child. In some states the paternity tests must be done within a specified time frame. If DNA test results show someone is not the father, however, they may be able to legally stop child support payments but continue to see and have a relationship with the child.

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