Personal Injury Lawyer

What does Personal Injury Lawyer mean?

Personal injury lawyers generally handle tort laws cases and provide legal representation to claimants who claim to have been physically, psychologically, or financially injured due to the negligence of another person. Common types of tort law cases include medical mistakes, defective products, libel and slander, premise liability, car and bicycle accidents, work injuries and slips and falls.

Personal injury law varies by state, but injury lawyers throughout the United States can help you if you have been injured by another person by gathering information about the injury and determining who is at fault. Personal injury lawyers also negotiate settlements or take the injury cases to court. It is generally a good idea if you have been injured to hire a personal injury lawyer who has experience with your specific type of case and understands your state's laws.

A personal injury lawyer is paid under a contingency fee agreement which means they do not require a retainer fee but will be paid a percentage of your compensation if you win your injury case.

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Personal Injury Attorneys near Ashburn VA

Hilton & Somer LLC

Hilton & Somer LLC Profile Picture
8303 Arlington Boulevard
Suite 102 Arlington, VA 22031

Eisenhower & Laufer, P.C.

Eisenhower & Laufer, P.C. Profile Picture
10560 Main Street
Suite 218 Fairfax, VA 22030

Hall & Sethi, PLC

Hall & Sethi, PLC Profile Picture
11260 Roger Bacon Dr
#400 Reston, VA 20190

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