Petition to Adopt

What does Petition to Adopt mean?

The Petition to Adopt is the legal document which is filed in the court on behalf of the prospective adoptive parents. The Petition to adopt outlines why the court should allow the adoption and what qualifications the couple or individual has to adopt the child.

The Petition to Adopt includes information about the prospective adoptee parents, including their name, address, birth date and place of birth, the name of the child's birthparents, and the reason for the adoption. Reasons for the termination of the parental rights are also listed. The written consents of the birth parents or the court order terminating their parental rights may be filed along with the petition.

States have statutes which determine what courts have jurisdiction to hear different cases. Adoption is a civil procedure, and at the State level, certain civil courts are given authority to hear adoption cases. Make sure when you file your adoption petition you understand what court in your state has jurisdiction to hear your case. If you are considering adoption it is a good idea to talk to an adoption lawyer. Lawyers can help prepare the adoption petition and to represent you at the hearing. Consider, however, there is no legal requirement to hire a lawyer if you believe you can complete the process on your own.

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