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What does Photo Profile mean?

The photo profile or the adoption profile book is the book which introduces the prospective adoptive family to the birthmother. Experts suggest the photo profile should be easy to read, kid friendly, descriptive and attractive. It also should be authentic and tell your story. It should give an accurate representation of the life you are living and the life you hope to provide for your future child.

Many prospective families include information about their marriage, stressing the stability and commitment the parents have to one another and what they love most about each other. It should also describe the home environment with pictures and stories about what you love, including parks, scenic locations, and neighbors. Family traditions can also create a sense of home and what is special to your family. Finally, let the birth family know that you are glad that they are considering you as a prospective adoptive family. Many examples of photo profiles can be found online with examples of information which should be included in your profile.

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