What does Plaintiff mean?

The plaintiff in a personal injury case is the person who initiates the lawsuit by filing a complaint. The plaintiff in the injury case is claiming they have been injured or suffered loss due to the defendant's negligent actions and they are asking the court to find in their favor and require the defendant to compensate them for their loss. Compensation for the plaintiff, if they win their legal case, can include lost wage compensation, property replacement, pain and suffering compensation and medical compensation.

In an injury case the plaintiff has the legal obligation to provide enough evidence to convince the court the defendant is liable for their injuries or loss. The standard of evidence in a civil case is generally through a preponderance of evidence. If the plaintiff fails to make their case they will not be awarded compensation. Talk to a lawyer if you have questions about your state's laws and your right as a plaintiff to receive compensation. Some states will not allow plaintiffs to receive compensation if they share responsibility for causing their own injuries.

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