Plea Bargain

What does Plea Bargain mean?

Due to the high number of cases it is not unusual for the prosecution to offer the defendant what is known as a plea bargain. A plea bargain allows the prosecution to avoid a trial by offering an incentive to the defendant to either plead guilty to a lesser charge, which is called a charge bargain, or a sentence bargain, which allows the defendant to know ahead of time the sentence they will be given.

For a plea bargain to be valid both parties, the prosecution and the defendant, must agree and comply with the terms of the agreement. Failing to follow the agreement may result in the revocation of the deal. Terms may include pleading guilty on a certain date, helping with the investigation or providing testimony against other defendants.

All plea bargains should be put in writing and signed by both the defendant and the prosecutor. In some cases it may be beneficial to discuss your case with a criminal lawyer and seek a plea bargain before you have been charged with an offense.

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