Post Adoption Period

What does Post Adoption Period mean?

The post adoption period is the period of time after the adoption is finalized for the new family to unite and become a family unit. Adoption experts note this period can be difficult for everyone and can include challenges. Experts also believe, however, "that children and their families are remarkably resilient and capable of positive development when provided with community-centered support after adoption."

State services vary, but many states will begin their services by assessing the child and family, creating a plan of care and making sure the family has a clearly defined set of goals. The family is monitored and evaluated by the state or their associated agencies and adjustments are made as needed. If the family needs additional help during the post adoption period they will be given resources to help them connect with the community services, behavioral healthcare services, and support groups as needed. Each state has their own system for post adoption support. In Indiana, for instance, the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) contracts with agencies across the state to provide post-adoption services to families.

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