Product Liability

What does Product Liability mean?

Product liability is the responsibility of companies and manufactures that distribute or sell products to sell goods which do not contain dangerous manufacturing or design defects and are safe for consumers when they are used as intended by the seller or manufacturer.

To sue a product seller or manufacturer under product liability law the injured party must prove the seller was negligent, they breached the warranty of the product, they misrepresented the product, there were inadequate warnings or instructions for the safe use of the product, the design of the product was defective or there were manufacturing defects which made the product unsafe.

Another component of product liability law is strict liability which allows the injured party to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer or seller if they can prove the product was defective, the defect proximately caused their injury, and the defect rendered the product unreasonably dangerous. Under this standard the consumer does not have to prove negligence.

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