Protective Filing Date

What does Protective Filing Date mean?

Protective Filing Date is the date the SSDI or SSI applicant contacts the Social Security Administration (SSA) and notifies them of their intent to apply for disability benefits. This date can be considered the SSDI application date even if the date is earlier than the actual date the application is completed by the applicant, signed, and sent to the Social Security Administration.

To receive a protective filing status the SSA must receive a written and signed statement expressing intent to claim benefits. This statement must be delivered to the Social Security Administration. This date is valid for six months for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) applicants and two months for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) applicants. The statement should be copied and maintained for your records and should be sent via certified mail with return receipt requested.

A protective filing date can be used to ensure a claimant has applied for SSDI benefits before their date last insured and allows more time for them to complete the SSDI application. The protective filing date can also ensure a claimant gets more SSDI retroactive benefits because retroactive benefits for SSDI can be paid up to 12 months prior to the claimant's protective filing date.

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