Public Adoption Agency

What does Public Adoption Agency mean?

A public adoption agency refers to state and county adoption agencies which are not private agencies but which are supported by public, state tax dollars. Many public adoption agencies also receive some federal tax support. Public adoption agencies are responsible for helping to facilitate the placement of children in permanent homes.

Many of these children have been abandoned, orphaned or have been in the state foster care system for an extended period of time. Many of the children are also special needs. Public agencies may not offer many newborn babies to prospective parents and may not provide other services which a private adoption agency provides.

Benefits of adopting a child through a public adoption agency include lower costs and less wait time. Parents looking for sibling groups or an older child may also benefit from public adoption service. Consider also, federal or state subsidies are sometimes available to assist families adopting a child with special needs. Because many children in state custody have been abused, neglected, or abandoned by their birth parents it is extremely important that a potential adoptive parent get adequate support with this type of adoption and understand how adoption of a child may impact your current family.

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