What does Reunification mean?

Family reunification is the process of returning a child back to their family after a temporary removal from the home. If a child is removed from the home it is done by the state for their protection. Prior to reuniting the child back with their birth family the state's child welfare agency must ensure it is safe to do so. This decision often requires intensive, family-centered services to support a safe and stable family environment.

Prior to reunification the state will evaluate several factors. First they will review the safety of the home environment, which includes the housing stability and the safety of the community. Next they will evaluate the parent's capabilities, including their ability to supervise, discipline and provide enrichment activities for the child. They will also review the family interactions, including how well the family bonds with each other and provides mutual support to one another. The family's safety will also be evaluated, including whether or not there is abuse within the family (including physical, sexual or emotional abuse). Finally, the state will rate the child's well-being, the readiness for reunification, and the caregiver's attitude toward the child. If the state determines any of these factors are below the necessary levels reunification will be delayed.

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