What does Revocation mean?

The revocation period is the amount of time the birth mother or father has to change their mind about the adoption decision. States have various laws for revocation periods. For example, in Texas an affidavit of relinquishment that fails to state that it is irrevocable can be revoked for up to 11 days after signing. On the 11th day, however, it becomes irrevocable. If a mother decides to revoke her consent for the adoption she may do so at any time before the order granting option by filing a signed revocation.

Some state, however, allow no time after signing adoption consent papers to change one's mind. Other states may give birth parents up to 72 hours after the consent documents are signed to revoke it, although a few allow for much longer revocation periods. States also have varying waiting period that parents must wait after the birth of the child to consent to the adoption.

Given the complexity of adoption laws and the variations by state, it may be a good idea to discuss your adoption of your child with an adoption lawyer who can explain the issues to you to ensure adoption or the placement of your baby for adoption is right for you.

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