What does Schedules mean?

Schedules are the official lists prescribed by the bankruptcy court that debtors must submit along with their filing petition. Schedules show the debtor's assets, liabilities, and other financial information that will be used to process the bankruptcy case. Filling out the schedules improperly, incorrectly, or fraudulently can be grounds for dismissal of the debtor's bankruptcy case.

The bankruptcy petition is submitted to the bankruptcy court. The petition provides information such as the name of the filer, their debt totals, the type of bankruptcy they are filing and whether they are a business debtor or consumer debtor. Schedules which are submitted with the bankruptcy petition include Schedule A, which lists real estate, Schedule B, which lists all personal property, Schedule C, which lists the exemptions allowed under the applicable state or federal law, Schedule D, which lists all secured creditors, Schedule E, which lists all priority creditors, Schedule F, which lists all unsecured creditors, Schedule G, which lists all Executory Contracts/Leases, Schedule H, which lists any co-debtors, and Schedules I & J, which lists the debtor's income and expenses.

Debtors are allowed to complete their schedules and file their petition without a bankruptcy lawyer but all forms must be accurate and debtors cannot submit fraudulent information. Not having a lawyer will not be an excuse for inaccurate information.

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