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What does Trademark Attorney mean?

A trademark attorney is an attorney who specializes in trademark law and matters related to trademark registration. The services provided by a trademark attorney include filing for trademark registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, performing searches of the Patent and Trademark Office database of existing trademarks, pursuing cases of trademark infringement, and responding to trademark oppositions.

In the United States, a trademark attorney does not have to have a specific degree or pass any specific test in order to practice in the area of trademark law, aside from passing the bar exam. Rather, a trademark attorney can practice in this area of law simply by becoming familiar with trademark law through the experience of working with other trademark law attorneys.

Given the complicated nature of trademark law, it is generally a wise idea to engage a trademark attorney when embarking on the registration of a trademark, having any dealings with the Patent and Trademark Office, or pursuing any other legal matter related to trademark law.

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